Guiding my Grief: Connecting with Others.

I started this blog because I had been really struggling to process and express my grief. This is going to be a different post than others previously, as it’s going to confront my grief and some of the ways in which I manage it. I’ll be doing more of this style post – almost asContinue reading “Guiding my Grief: Connecting with Others.”

Treatment, Surgery, and Strength.

As mentioned before, Mum got so, so weak whilst on chemo. She lost loads of weight, lost her hair, lost the core element of what made her her. She had to start using a walking stick and being helped up and down the stairs. We had to have a concrete step installed for the frontContinue reading “Treatment, Surgery, and Strength.”

Mum’s treatment plan

Mum’s treatment plan was six chemotherapy sessions, each spaced three weeks apart. She started them in January 2017, due to finish in mid-May. We had to attend a chemotherapy workshop beforehand – side effects, dos and don’ts, what to expect etc. It was a lot of information to take in, and we had lots ofContinue reading “Mum’s treatment plan”