She’s Dying (Part 2)

The thing that people don’t tell you (well didn’t tell me) about a terminal illness is how relentlessly invasive it is. That sentence sounds naïve. I don’t mean about how invasive it is to the person suffering it, that’s pretty obvious… it’s invasive for the people around them, for the home environment, for the finances,Continue reading “She’s Dying (Part 2)”

She’s Dying

Mum came home from the palliative care unit in late November. She was “herself” for a little while because she was secure and comfortable at home, but the non-healthcare environment of home and having non-healthcare professionals (my Mum’s partner and I) at home meant she soon started to deteriorate. It was difficult. My Mum wasContinue reading “She’s Dying”

Terminal Diagnosis (Part 2)

After Mum’s terminal diagnosis (on the 5th November 2017 – one of those dates you don’t forget), it was difficult to feel anything other than anger. Of course I’m sure I did feel other things, but the main thing that sticks out is the anger I constantly had. I was angry because my Mum wasContinue reading “Terminal Diagnosis (Part 2)”

Summer 2017

After Mum had had her surgery and had carried her gross bodily fluid bad around with her, she started radiotherapy. She’d gotten so strong that she was driving herself to radiotherapy sessions, because she’d always been so independent before cancer, this was a huge deal for her. Mum had come back home, could get herselfContinue reading “Summer 2017”

Treatment, Surgery, and Strength.

As mentioned before, Mum got so, so weak whilst on chemo. She lost loads of weight, lost her hair, lost the core element of what made her her. She had to start using a walking stick and being helped up and down the stairs. We had to have a concrete step installed for the frontContinue reading “Treatment, Surgery, and Strength.”

Mum’s treatment plan

Mum’s treatment plan was six chemotherapy sessions, each spaced three weeks apart. She started them in January 2017, due to finish in mid-May. We had to attend a chemotherapy workshop beforehand – side effects, dos and don’ts, what to expect etc. It was a lot of information to take in, and we had lots ofContinue reading “Mum’s treatment plan”