Mum’s Final Words

This is what Mum wrote as her final words to be read at her funeral. Today marks two years from the day she died. “Mum – because of you, I became the woman I was, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Because of you I have the most wonderfulContinue reading “Mum’s Final Words”

James’ Tribute

Here is James’ tribute written for Mum “There isn’t really much left to say about Mum. Both Grandma and Rosie’s tributes describe her warmth and loving nature perfectly. I am so lucky to still have three strong, intelligent and fiery women to guide me through life. Mum inherited Grandma’s wicked sense of humour, her hardworkingContinue reading “James’ Tribute”

My Tribute for Mum

This is the tribute I wrote to be read out at Mum’s funeral. I asked one of my Mum’s best friends to read it and I am so grateful for her doing so, I couldn’t imagine anyone else having done it. “The last year of all our lives has been an extremely difficult one, butContinue reading “My Tribute for Mum”

Mum’s Funeral Service

This post is the eulogy that was written by my Nan for Mum’s funeral, delivered by celebrant Ellie Lomas. “On behalf of the family, I would like to welcome you to this special ceremony as we celebrate the life of a wonderful lady, Sue Szumowski. Any kind donations, in memory of Sue, will benefit CancerContinue reading “Mum’s Funeral Service”

Arranging Mum’s Funeral

Maybe about a week before Mum died, I messaged my friend Sophie whose Mum works as a funeral director. I asked Sophie if I could come round hers at some point and chat to her Mum about what to expect when planning a funeral, the “plans”, the average costs etc. At this point, Sophie andContinue reading “Arranging Mum’s Funeral”