What gets lost in loss?

Before loss, I was coming towards a pretty secure understanding of my identity. As a person, woman, daughter, partner, sister, friend, colleague. Grief has changed, warped, deconstructed and rebuilt my sense of identity and self. Your identity changes when you’ve had a serious bereavement. Loss caused me to have a wide range of complex emotionsContinue reading “What gets lost in loss?”

How to deal with people who weren’t there for you

Someone recently asked how to respond to or deal with people who weren’t there for you after your bereavement. Firstly, it sucks when you’re feeling unsupported from those who should be there for you at such a difficult time. Something to remember is that people might avoid situations like ours because they are afraid. They’reContinue reading “How to deal with people who weren’t there for you”

Dear Mum

Mum, I miss you more than I thought I would be able to feel anything. Every day something reminds me of you and I wish more than anything that I could hold your hand and hear your voice again. I am so sorry that whilst you were ill, I felt so angry all the time.Continue reading “Dear Mum”