Current Events

Due to the current global pandemic (Covid-19), there’s a lot of uncertainty and confusion within society at the moment. At work I’ve been reassuring the parents of the children who attend my nursery. My colleagues and I have consoled one another as well, because life still happens regardless of the situation which is beyond all of our control. With this in mind, as well as keeping on top of children’s health and hygiene, planning activities to keep them occupied, and completing observations and reports on them, I’ve somewhat “lost” my grief. It’s as if it had taken a back seat for a little while.

And then things started to be cancelled. Holiday to Gran Canaria with the girls for a hen do; cancelled. The wedding for that hen; postponed. Mine and Sam’s trip to America; very likely to be cancelled. The third and final interview I had scheduled with a new nursery in London (pretty sure I was going to be offered the job); cancelled. Sam’s belated birthday celebrations with his friends; cancelled. Looking for the perfect flat to rent in London has been put on hold by our estate agent. This all started happening and I’ve found myself grieving for pretty much everything. I’m sad. I’m really sad at the moment.

Grief in the midst of a pandemic is confusing and disorientating. Should I feel sad?

People are losing their jobs, income, not able to feed their families, they’re getting unwell, they’re potentially losing loved ones because of this virus, the NHS, emergency, care, education and retail workers are facing really bloody challenging situations and very real threats to their own health.

It’s times like this where you really, really need your Mum.

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